Shopfront Ensemble


Bradley Davison, Matthew Massaria, Stuart Mooney, Leon Wang, Tristan Woodberry, Artyam Markosyan, Grace Zheng, Richard Zhany, E, Thipmanee Maenie Singbubpha, Selina Calderon, Jessie-Anne Stein, Cecilia Regan, Tracey Cherbatiuk, Bridget Gielissen,  Isabella Stojanoski, Music: Hanning Zhang,  Media and Performance Interns: Claudia Vickers & Courtney Fleming Contributors: Hope McCormick & Corinne Alexe

Young artists in the Shopfront Ensemble have met every Wednesday since mid-May to explore the form of a mystery tour, to create a series of live and video works as individuals and collectively as a group. In July, we came together for three days of intensive making to create the score underlying Citadel. Together the ensemble has made film, music and site specific performances to guide you into Citadel.