Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre


Nihal Abdulrahim, Omar Awad, Bo Chen, Emmanuel Chen, Jialin Chen, Lin Chen Chen, Youssef El Chalouf, Anas Mohammed, Tiffany Nguyen, Owen Ou, Cef Ouchenir, George Papaefthimiou, Yamin Rayhaf, Rahaf Saya’arah, Soeharnar Thiri Nan Dar, Terry Tang, Wendy Yan

Beverly Hills IEC students bring a hidden depth to the Citadel. What happens to a city when many cultures and languages come together? What are the stories of other cities we have lived in – how do they merge into the city we live in now? How do we share our stories in the city – stories of quiet meetings between friends and loud meetings of groups. Beverly Hills IEC young people have been generous in sharing their own stories and experiences and transforming them into video works, alongside developing movement and visual works.