Menai High School

Bright Achirem, Davidson Allieu, Luway Arabi, Junior Bangura, Christopher Boyce, Frederick Bundu, Keats Davaram, Byron Ernst, Sohid Mdatai, Jake Mills, Zakir Parwarish, Matthew Trantas, Ali Al Jwad, Bilal Atieh Mostafa, Guan Di, Michael Du, Mohamed Hamed, Junhui He, Guesh Jantui, Stanley Da Ji, Jo Le, Kim Mercado, Kasrey Nguyen, Elijah Karl Ortiguerra, Ariq Permanaputra, Themis Tsigkaris, Kai Yuan

Menai High School have been on a journey into the future. How will we move in the future? What new gestures will we have? What if our 2014 everyday objects became obsolete and disappeared, and were found by archaeologists in the future? What would the archaeologists think these objects were used for?  Ever exuberant movers, imaginative thinkers and diligent drawers and makers, Menai young people have transformed their thoughts and ideas into words, movements, pictures and models, bringing an exciting and colourful energy to Citadel.